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The Merch

Whether you’re a beginner, educator, weekend warrior or local pro, we aim to carry the necessary instruments, music, parts and accessories that you need. And if there’s something you love that we don’t have, please let us know. This is your music store, and we want to do everything we can to keep your creative juices flowing. For now, please enjoy our selection of PRS, Gretsch, Jackson, Marshall, Guild, Ernie Ball, Kala, Cordoba, Casio, Shure, Eden, Boss, Roland, Behringer, Gator Cases, Hercules, Turbo Sound, ToneWood Amp and TC Electronic products, as well as instruments and accessories from countless other brands.

The Learnin’

We partner with music teachers of all backgrounds and expertise from the St. Cloud, MN and surrounding areas, both within and outside of our store, to try and create the best match and environment for students to learn in. Whether it’s piano, guitar, bass, drums, fiddle or didgeridoo, if the teacher exists, we’ll connect you.


The Fixin’s

If instruments were made of indestructible space-age materials, frankly, they just wouldn’t sound very good. But don’t fret, we can fix that fret. We offer repair services to keep your favorite instrument doing what it does best, and while we can’t fix everything, we’ve partnered with experts who can. We’ll make sure your instrument emergencies, large or small, fall into the right hands to get you back on stage in time for the big show.

MON-FRI: 10-7 | SAT: 10-4